Where to Bet With 50 Naira?

Bigger bets usually mean bigger winnings, however you wouldn’t always want to place big bets – you might not have enough money to spare or simply might not feed like it. This can potentially become an issue with some betting sites, who have an unreasonably high minimum bet requirement. If you found yourself in a situation where you want to place some bets, but can’t because your stake is too small – this is the right place for you. We are going to take a look at some legit Nigerian betting operators, who allow their players to place relatively small bets just as a hobby.

50 naira bet

For those, who just want a straight answer, we will give you one before we dive deeper into this – Nigerian bookmakers, who allow small take bets are: Paripesa, Betking, Bangbet, BetBonanza, Helabet and Mozzartbet.


This is easy and most of you probably know what it is. The minimum stake is the minimum amount of money you need to place a single bet. What we were surprised to find out though was the fact, that not everyone is aware that the minimum stake amount is different on different betting sites. So, if you only have 50 or 100 Naira assigned to your betting hobby – you can still place some bets.


As we initially said – there might be different reasons why you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of money on bets and some of these reasons are quite obvious.

Usually, people place small bets as a hobby, they aren’t planning to profit or earn money – they are betting exclusively for fun. If you are from this category of punters, then it is vital for you to have the ability to place small bets. There are some good and reliable Nigerian betting operators, who can be useful for this purpose.

Others might simply not have enough funds to place bigger bets and in this case they are limited with what they have. If your betting funds are usually limited, it is wise to place more smaller bets – this way you have a higher chance of profiting. If you sometimes end up in such a position you definitely need to have a couple of go-to bookmakers where small bets are accepted.


Now let’s have a closer look at where exactly you can place small bets. Some betting sites might be quite conservative and keep their minimum stake limits quite high. Nevertheless, there is a number of reliable betting sites, which we can personally recommend where you can place bets as small as ₦50.


Bangbet is a brand that originated in Nigeria and has, over time expanded into several other African countries. To be honest, this is one of our favorite brands to work with because there is just so much they can offer you. If you want to know everything they are good at and possibly some things they might not be so good at – you are welcome to read our Bangbet review.

For now, we suspect that you already know why we brought up Bangbet here – they allow ₦50 bets. This is the minimum required stake for both accumulator and single bets. In addition to that, all new players from Nigeria get a free bet for registering – no deposits required!


Paripesa has one of the lowest stake requirements you can find in Nigeria at the moment. The minimum bet for any single selection is just ₦30 – this is about as low as you can find. Having such a small stake requirement opens up betting possibilities you wouldn’t find elsewhere. If you are interested feel free to go ahead and register or read our Paripesa review if you want to find out more. They are an international brand, who operate under a valid Nigerian license and are definitely one of our top recommended operators.


iLot is a rapidly growing original Nigerian betting site. Even though they have been around since mid-2021, they were able to win the hearts of many local sports fans. In addition to online betting, iLot also has land-based betting shops, where you can either withdraw your winnings directly, as cash or place bets using cash. All new players will be able to get a welcome bonus, the size of your bonus will depend on the size of your first deposit. If you want to know more about all the available promos and offers – check out our iLot review page.

Finally, in addition to just being a solid sportsbook brand, iLot doesn’t require you to place big bets. You can go as low as ₦50 if you wish, which is why you can see them in this list.


Helabet isn’t yet a well-known name among Nigerian sports fans, however that is likely going to change soon. If you are a subscriber of MTN or GLO phone networks – you can visit Helabet’s website without using your own mobile data!

On top of that all new players get a juicy ₦100,000 welcome bonus as well as daily deposit bonuses of up to ₦20,750. The minimum allowed stake for all players is ₦30.

If you would like to know more about them – you are welcome to visit our Helabet NG review page. Otherwise, hop onto their website and check everything out yourself.


BetBonanza has been around for quite a while and many Nigerian sports fans already know the name. They have a valid license and a fairly good reputation, so we are happy to recommend them as one of the operators where you can place bets under ₦50. BetBonanza has some really cool offers to get you started as a new player and some additional bonuses, which you can claim monthly and weekly as an existing player. As you can see there’s usually something to look forward to.

If you are interested to know more, feel free to read our BetBonanza review or go ahead and register to try it out yourself.


Mozzartbet is a well-known betting brand from Europe, they have been around for almost 20 years, so even before internet betting became a thing. In mid-2022 they were granted a Nigerian betting license, so now they are also a proper local betting brand. The level of customer service and support that you will get here is easily one of the bets among local bookmakers. Also, they are one of the few Nigerian brands that have an iOS app. You can read more about them on our Mozzartbet page.

As always, we added Mozzartbet into this list not just because we like them – they have a minimum allowed stake of ₦50, so you can place as many 5o Naira bets as you want.


Paripulse is very new to the industry, but they have an impressive array of football betting markets, typically available for virtually any match. Additionally, it’s worth noting their generous bonuses and promotional offers. Their promotions are continuously refreshed, ending only to make way for the next, ensuring there’s always something new on the horizon. And of coursed, since we listed them on this page, they accept bets starting from ₦50.

For a firsthand look at what they offer, visiting their website is recommended. However, if you’re seeking more detailed insights, our review of Paripulse is available to help you learn more about their offerings.



There you have it – three good betting sites where you can place ₦50 bets are: Paripesa, Bangbet, BetBonanza, iLOT bet, Betking, Helabet and Mozzartbet. We truly hope this will be helpful and will save you some time going through each betting site one-by-one. It is also important to emphasize the fact that we do not encourage reckless spending. If you are in a position where you are betting at the expense of your basic necessities – please stop and consider getting help. A good place to start would be https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/en.