We have a significant number of betting site reviews available and we want you to be able to find the right one for you. We wanted to save you some time browsing and reading and this is why we split our bookmaker reviews into several sections, which should help you find exactly what you are looking for way quicker. All betting sites we feature have been tested by us and are confirmed to be fair, reliable and safe.
First of all, we have a section dedicated to betting sites, who offer welcome deposit bonuses – here you can get a little extra money for your initial deposit, overall this is a popular and fairly common offer among betting sites.
Next ones in line are betting sites, which offer free bets – this is a well-known thing to most sports fans round the world and I think we can all agree, that everyone loves a free bet.
The third section will show you betting sites, who offer no-deposit bonuses – bonuses, which you will get for simply creating an account, no deposits required!
Another extremely important thing for sports betting fans is the ability to watch games live as you place your bets and see how the game unravels right in front of you as you claim your sweet winnings. This will be a list of betting sites with a live streaming functionality, where you can register and watch game streams for free.
As you can see we are a Nigerian site and we would like to support our fellow Nigerian businesses, so we would like to share a list of original Nigerian betting sites. Obviously if you are a Nigerian resident it is usually a wise decision to first find a local brand you trust and only then explore other bookmakers out there.


Welcome bonuses have been a thing since the beginning of online sports betting and possibly even before that. Today this is a common practice in the world of sports betting to incentivize new players to make their first deposits and in order to stay competitive in the market a good betting site should have an attractive welcome offer. Here’s a full list of all betting sites we covered so far, that have a welcome deposit bonus offer.

welcome bonus


Similar to welcome bonuses, free bets are an extremely common thing among today’s best betting sites, they can be given as a welcome offer for new players as well as a regular weekly or monthly present for existing players to keep everyone engaged. This is a list of all featured betting sites, that have free bet offers.

free bets


Live streaming requires no introduction – certainly every sports betting enthusiast loves to watch a game he or she is personally invested in. We don’t always have access to a TV with the right channel available or a streaming service, however we usually always have access to our go-to betting site. Watching a live stream of a game is not only an entertaining thing, it can also significantly help you place a smarter live bet on an ongoing game as you actually see everything yourself. Here’s our list of trusted betting sites, that offer a HD live streaming service for their registered users.

live streaming


You can find all sorts of different betting sites featured here – some of them are world famous brand, that any sports betting fan would easily recognize, while some of them are original Nigerian bookmakers, known mostly to players from Nigeria. This section focuses only on Nigerian betting sites, which accept Naira as a currency, that you can deposit, bet and withdraw. There is an obvious benefit to finding a good local betting site, as it will always be culturally and functionally closer to what you need, because of being tailored specifically for Nigerian players. Once you find a local betting site, which you are comfortable with you can, of course explore what other international brands have to offer, however it is always best to have that one bookmaker you can stick with.

Nigerian Betting Sites