Best Sports to Place a Bet


The most popular sport among bettors, which has become so largely due to its strengths: 

  • Football matches take place every day throughout the year; 
  • Football battles have the most comprehensive action line in the sports line in any bookmaker; 
  • Best odds and winning limits; 
  • The network is full of various statistical and insider information.

With all these advantages, there is one huge drawback – the analysts of the bookmakers set the odds for the matches of many football tournaments very accurately, which almost 100% reflect the real balance of forces, which makes it hard to bet.  

football post


Recently, this sport began gaining more and more popularity in Europe, making bookmakers enlarge the action line, and this has already increased the number of basketball bettors. Especially, basketball attracts players to place bets on wide live mode which is well presented at 1xbet, find out more here, at site

The advantages of betting on basketball include: 

  • Bookmakers try to track many basketball matches using the “video broadcast” function, which is especially important because the vast majority of bettors play live in this sport; 
  • Recently, the action line has improved significantly, statistical and long-term types of bets have appeared; 
  • As part of popular tournaments, resources offer detailed statistics.

Professional bettors advise in basketball to make bets exclusively in live mode, and if there is a desire to bet before the start, then you should carefully consider chances. 


Hockey betting is especially popular in North America and Europe, where the sport is well developed. The strong point of hockey consists of a high score, which to some extent evens out the chances of bookmakers and bettors. With competent work with statistics and extremely accurate clarification of the expected character of the struggle, you can make a large number of winning bets. 

Hockey allows you to make winning bets at large odds. If in football crushing victories are a rare phenomenon, and they mainly occur when obvious favorites meet with a complete outsider, then in hockey there are often defeats in matches of equal teams and no safety net saves bookmakers from competent bets of professional bettors on large negative handicaps.