What Teens Think about Online Slots in 2022?

In many countries like the USA, UK, and even in the EU the legal age for gambling on the casino website is 18. Because of this, many teens in their college and still students use them as a favourite pastime or passive income. Some are quite good at them because of keeping track of the best rewarding slots, on various casino websites, tournaments, and more. So, what does the average teen of 2022 think about online casinos?


This solely depends on the culture of gambling, playing cards, betting money and so on and because of this, there are different laws in different countries. In the US, UK, and EU they have gambling commissions too to regulate legal gambling offering various types of gaming licenses to companies. There are hundreds of game studios and companies that make slot games. Big companies like Microgaming, NetEnt, Playson, Playtech, Play’N Go, and BetSoft are some of the world leaders when it comes to slots. So, one can say that they are most famous when it comes to online casinos and real money betting.

Gambling at College

Though gambling at casinos is a favourite pastime for adults, the advent of online casinos on tablets and smartphones makes it more accessible to anyone and anywhere. From purchasing lotteries, sports betting, or live casinos and live dealers, you have endless possibilities. In 2011, some 10 years ago, online gambling was found to be the fastest-growing online market in the US. It had over 10 million active monthly users. In the US alone, online poker gathers an estimated 6 billion USD annually. The Justice Department has opened more doors to these licenses and allows them to operate legally under regulations.

Though some expect that loosening the grip on these gambling giants will increase their penetration into colleges and teens, a heavy toll on the young generation, it is something that is deep-rooted in the culture as well. From acquiring a credit card to borrowing one, college kids use all types of means to try their hands on this lucrative slot market. Further, because of great graphics, gaming engines, cinematic experiences, and movie-like functionality, they seem irresistible.

college campus

A 2010 survey by Annenberg Public Policy Center made a survey of college kids in the US and compared it to a survey from 2008, just two years ago. They found that the use of internet online gambling sites, particularly slots, grew from 4.4% monthly to 16% in just two years. This was not an increase in frequency, but the number of users. This dramatic increase of college gambling in online slots means payment restrictions were no longer a barrier.

This was when norms to educate them for safe and healthy gambling became more than necessary. In the past 10 years leading to 2020, and after the pandemic, this has become much higher. Indeed, it was one of the favourite pastimes for these students. More than 400,000 male youth in the colleges aged between 18 to 22, gamble for money every week and over 1.7 million do so once a month.

This shows how important it is to educate them about safe gambling practices, educate the adults about parental controls, and seek help in case of compulsive gambling. Because the gaming industry can be addictive as you bet more rigorously when you are losing, in an attempt to win, policies are important. One must know when to visit the website Play Real Money Slots is a fun and entertaining pass time and when it starts to affect their studies, work, and daily life.

How Do Teens Find Legitimate Slots?

Because teens are always trying to explore taking risks, it is important to inculcate the habit of doing proper research before gambling. Because gambling means losing money and only at times one is lucky to win, it is difficult to find legitimate websites. Further, fine print and terms and conditions can prove very difficult to withdraw your wins. Hence, it is important to choose real money slots and online casino platforms that are beginner-friendly, offer great discounts and promotions and are low-risk games suitable for college students.

As parents, it is important to teach them about safe practices rather than shouting at them. Teens will usually find a way out, and hiding it can be dangerous in the long term. Finding genuine online casinos and slots is not a big challenge, but fakes, clickbait, ads, and offers can be lucrative enough to lure them into the fraudulent websites that are everywhere on the internet.

So, use casino guides, casino review sites, and check properly before registering at a casino to play online slots. Many times, you can even play these slots for free without risking any real money, if your entire objective is to have some fun and experience these games.

Why Gambling Can Be Addictive in 2022?

Because of the internet and ease of access, the internet and social media are always pushing teens to compete and this is dangerous. Columbia University of Medical Center did research that shows that teenagers from colleges make up half of 16 million people in the US, diagnosed with gambling addiction. This shows the sheer number with which this can capture young minds than adults. Gambling is exciting and more thrilling than even doing sports and physical activity for many teens because it is associated with high-value gains.

At a time when teens are trying hard to make a self-identity and boost their image in the public, social media may seem like a very feasible way. The hopes of positivity and winning big are nonetheless a driving factor that even parents can’t suppress.


Find good websites and play responsibly. As parents, you can be friends rather than shutting them down. This will keep you aware of their habits, and you can guide them before it gets out of control. Check them to visit real money slots and exercise control just like eating junk food, watching movies, drinking alcohol, and any other stuff.