Quickteller Vs Paysafe: What Is Better for Sports Betting

Sports betting requires user investments, so choosing the right payment system is one of the first things to consider when joining an online sportsbook. Many Nigerian punters opt for credit cards, which are simple and convenient, but bookmakers have much more to offer. 

Prepaid vouchers are among the most widespread options, as they allow risk seekers to control their expenses and stick to the initial limits, which is essential in betting. Paysafecard and Quickteller are the two popular payment providers, so let’s explore all their pros and cons and decide which is the best solution for punters.


Paysafe as a Payment Option for Online Betting

This prepaid card is accessible on multiple betting sites, no wonder many gamblers opt for reputable Paysafe casinos outlined at CasinoDeps.co.nz with dedicated betting sections, top conditions and lucrative bonuses. Depositing using this payment method is simple: users should only purchase the voucher and enter a special code on the bookmaker site.

Transaction Speed and Fees

Paysafe only allows depositing, so withdrawals using the banking options are impossible. All money transfers are instant; bettors won’t have to wait to start their fantastic journey in the world of odds and juicy bonuses. 

The system doesn’t charge transaction fees for top-ups in Nigerian online sportsbooks. However, Paysafe will require you to pay 2% extra if you use a currency other than the one you used to replenish the card.

Security Measures and Acceptance in Betting Sites

Prepaid vouchers are among the safest payment systems for online betting, as they don’t require users to share their banking details. Therefore, punters should only enter a Paysafe 16-digit code to replenish their accounts. 

The payment provider pays special attention to customers’ data protection, guaranteeing that no third parties can access their personal information. Technology advancements allow Paysafe to implement more security measures for full transparency and security, so Nigerian risk hunters often choose this option when betting online.

Ups and Downs

Paysafe is a secure and reliable banking solution that can be used in numerous sectors, including betting and gambling. Punters often choose this system to monitor their expenses in online sportsbooks and not exceed the budget limits. This prepaid voucher allows users to instantly replenish their accounts on bookmaker sites and enjoy the best odds with a few clicks. 

Paysafe is accessible globally, so it can be found on many platforms. Paysafecard offers gamblers anonymity and transaction security by not requiring bank details, but for larger deposits or more control, users may consider alternatives. Despite all the benefits, the payment system has a significant disadvantage. 

Paysafe is only available for depositing, so it’s impossible to withdraw cash prizes using this method. Therefore, risk seekers should ensure that the bookie offers alternative banking options suiting them. All in all, this prepaid voucher is popular in Nigeria and many other countries and is convenient and quick.

Quickteller as a Local Betting Payment Option

This prepaid voucher is not as widespread as Paysafe and mainly targets Nigerian residents. However, it doesn’t make it any less attractive or convenient for punters. Users choose Quickteller due to its broad accessibility in the country and the possibility of proceeding with quick money transfers wherever they are. 

The payment system allows users to instantly book tickets, make online purchases, and, of course, deposit on casino and bookmaker sites.

Processing Time & Average Speed of Deposits

Instant deposits are not surprising in 2024, and top-ups via Quickteller are no exception. Users can make smooth and quick money transfers and place bets on chosen events with a few clicks. 

In contrast to Paysafe, Quickteller allows withdrawals, but they are not as fast as deposits—bettors will have to wait up to several working days. This prepaid voucher also helps risk seekers manage their funds and make informed decisions on bookmaker sites.

Pros and Cons

Unlike Paysafe, the leading global payment provider, Quickteller is only in demand among Nigerian users. It doesn’t boast such wide market coverage, but it is still developing and projected to gain more popularity in the future. The prepaid card is a fast, reputable, and safe way to proceed with transactions on betting sites. 

Quickteller allows punters to control funds and avoid overspending when making predictions on sports events. The Nigerian prepaid card is more innovative than Paysafe, its main competitor. While the famous banking option only allows money transfers using the voucher PIN code, Quickteller is more flexible. 

Users can replenish their betting balances via online payments, bank transfers, and transactions through authorized agents. The system itself doesn’t charge additional fees, but some online bookmakers may include extra payments for deposits. The primary disadvantage of this prepaid card is that it’s only accepted in Nigeria. Therefore, a limited number of online sportsbooks offer this payment method.

Final Words

Prepaid vouchers like Paysafe and Quickteller are in demand in the betting market, as they help users proceed with instant and secure money transfers. Using payment systems like Paysafecard on Nigerian bookmaker sites can be a great way to limit your expenses and stick to responsible gambling principles since you can only deposit the amount you pre-pay with the card.  

However, it’s still important to set spending limits and take breaks to ensure you’re gambling responsibly. Paysafe is a global player, but it’s a bit outdated in terms of replenishment ways: it only allows users to get a prepaid card and enter a PIN to deposit. 

On the other hand, Quickteller offers more advanced measures, including online payments and bank transfers. However, it’s only accepted in Nigeria, covering fewer betting platforms than Paysafe.