Data Scientists Focused on Mathematical Football Predictions

One of the most recent polls showed, that most Nigerian punters lose on around 85% of all bets they place and from what statistics say, that is related to the chosen betting strategy for the most part. The majority tends to place lots of small bets hoping that in the long run they will profit, yet as time shows – this is not the case. The key to being successful in sports betting is to be well informed, find good value bets and use math to your advantage.

A Bit More About the Math Behind Betting

Today we have access to huge sets of data, thousands and even millions historical sports logs. All of this wouldn’t normally be too useful for a regular sports fan like me or you, however there are data scientists – actual mathematicians, who are interested in this data. The interest they have for it, is related to the fact, that it can potentially allow us to make fairly accurate predictions, given you also keep your hand on the pulse following all the latest news and have a good understanding of the sport in question.

Who Makes Betting Predictions?

A lot of us believe ourselves to be real experts is the sports we enjoy watching, we follow various telegram channels and social media pages, that would have all the newest insights about our favorite players and teams – if we do this, it already significantly increases our chances of making an educated bet, however there is more you can add to this. Let’s take football as an example, as this is one of the most popular sports for betting – you can increase your chances of making a smart bet even further by having a real mathematician involved and that will usually not cost a dime. The internet is full of free football predictions sites, which will allow you to take full advantage of their work without them making a direct profit off of you. It gets even better, if you are not too keen on following sports news, team stats and results – you don’t need to, predictions are usually made already taking all of those things into account. You will see entire teams of data scientists working side by side with sports matter experts to produce predictions with the highest possible probabilities, which you can use to your advantage without having to pay anything.

Will You Always Win if You Follow Football Predictions?

The short answer might be “not necessarily”, as we all know that football is full of unexpected outcomes and that is why people love it so much. The long answer here is “likely yes” and that is the case if you have a good betting strategy coupled with your football predictions. Finding good value bets is essential to come out on top, so even if you use high-quality predictions but don’t have a smart approach to placing your bets – you are still in a position of uncertainty. On the other hand, if you do your research and properly educate yourself on how to find value – you are almost guaranteed to make a profit. Firstly, the predictions you use will allow you to place bets with a higher likelihood of wining and secondly, if your betting strategy is well-developed you are going to be safe even if some of your bets lose, because the overall percentage of your winning bets will always be higher than that of the losing ones.

In Conclusion – Are Betting Predictions Worth It?

Yes, we believe they are – you are not going to lose anything, because they are free and even if you don’t have a good betting strategy to back you up, you are still only going to increase your chances of winning because for the most part it’s just a numbers game. At the end of the day whether to use predictions or to rely on your own information and gut feeling is totally up to you – the point of this article was just to highlight this possibility.

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