Why Asia is Set to be the Next Big iGaming Market?

Asia has a long history in the video game market and some of the biggest names in video gaming have started in the continent. Asia is often at the forefront of technological innovation and that has led to the creation of many of the most iconic consoles and handheld gaming devices. Tech has continued to evolve at a fast pace and the next big emerging industry in Asia is iGaming. This differs from playing video games and iGaming involves any form of online gambling, including sports betting, casino games, and eSports betting.

next big igaming market


Asia is already home to a significant eSports scene and many of the top teams and individual eSports players come from Asia. There are several major eSports tournaments held in Asia each year and thousands of people pack the arenas to watch the top players in action. Park Se-jun, JJu, FreedoM, Jaedong, Daigo, Fly100%, and Zackray are just a small sample of leading eSports players to come from Asia. As eSports has grown in popularity, so has eSports betting, which is a form of iGaming. Therefore, it makes sense many people in Asia want to participate in eSports betting, such is the growth of eSports events across the continent. We expect to see the Asian eSports iGaming market develop significantly in the coming years.

Huge Population

Asia is the biggest continent on the planet in terms of population. In fact, Asia accounts for over 50% of the global population and there are 48 countries within the continent. That is an incredible number of people and gives the iGaming market plenty of room for expansion. Online gambling is not legal across the whole of Asia and there are many countries that do not have any iGaming regulation in place. However, you only must look at North America to see how quickly iGaming can spread across a continent when given the chance and we expect to see the same in Asia soon. With so many countries available in which to offer their services, online casinos and sportsbooks will be looking to follow in the footsteps of Betwinner Casino, who offer their services in several Asian countries. Rather than watching their citizens access offshore iGaming websites, with money leaving the country, it makes sense to legalize and regulate iGaming. That is exactly what many Asian countries could do in the near future, opening the door for iGaming brands.

Mobile Phones

As highlighted above, technology has long been a strong industry in many Asian countries and the younger generation grow up using a mobile phone. The mobile phones of today are powerful enough to play complex games and that includes those offered by iGaming websites and apps. People are comfortable with mobile gaming and more people are using mobile phones to play games than any other type of device. Add the significant interest in gambling and it quickly becomes apparent how big the mobile iGaming market could become in Asia over the next few years.