Midfield Maestros: Top Pass Masters to Watch Out For at Euro 2024?

Forget the flashy strikers and speedy wingers for a moment. At Euro 2024, the real artistry will be displayed in the heart of the pitch: the midfield. These unsung heroes are the orchestrators, dictating the flow of the game and influencing the outcome. Teams with a strong and versatile midfield hold a distinct advantage in the quest for continental glory.


This summer, Germany will witness a tactical ballet unfold as visionary playmakers with pinpoint passing and masterful tempo control take center stage. Who will rise to the occasion? Our guide considers the top five pass masters competing in Germany. 

We analyze their strengths and predict how they might impact the tournament. Insights from this article can also help elevate your Euro betting game. Read on to discover the midfield maestros who will shape Euro 2024.

Kevin De Bruyne

Manchester City’s midfield dynamo, De Bruyne, is primed to shine at Euro 2024 despite an injury-marred first half of the 2023-24 season. His impressive comeback saw him contribute 23 goals (6 goals, 17 assists) in 28 appearances, aiding Man City to their fourth straight EPL title.

At 32, De Bruyne will be instrumental in Belgium’s quest for European triumph following their 2022 World Cup disappointment. His influence is indisputable, as he has scored 76 goals in 100 appearances for Belgium, including 27 of his own.


De Bruyne’s wide-ranging talents, particularly his unrivaled ability to create scoring opportunities through precise deliveries, make him dangerous. His powerful pinpoint passes and crosses challenge defenders and goalkeepers while benefiting forward runners. His vision ensures that Belgium will always be a potential victor with him on the field. Given his skill set and Belguim’s potential in attack, the Red Devils are expected to make a deep run in this tournament.

Bruno Fernandes

Bruno Fernandes’ arrival at Manchester United established new benchmarks for an attacking midfielder in England. Fernandes was United’s standout performer in the 2023/24 season, contributing to at least 15 goals for the fifth consecutive Premier League campaign. 


The United skipper constantly threatens in the attacking third. Thanks to his superb shooting technique, he has been a persistent goalscorer since his breakout season at Sporting Lisbon. Fernandes’ right-footed strikes, known for their power and precision, are a significant asset. He excels at drifting from central positions to curve shots into the farthest corner.

Fernandes contributed six goals and seven assists during the Euro 2024 qualifiers. He will look to improve that performance in Germany. Under new Portugal manager Roberto Martinez, Fernandes’ intelligence and experience will be instrumental in Portugal’s pursuit of victory in Germany.

Luka Modric

At 38, Luka Modric, the 2018 Ballon d’Or winner, may be playing his final international tournament for Croatia. Despite his age, this midfield virtuoso remains driven to compete at the elite level. After nearly clinching the World Cup in 2018, Croatia’s chances of victory this time are slim.


Regardless, Modric continues to produce magic when he steps onto the field of play. He can control matches through his mobility, expansive passing range, and ability to link play across the pitch. 

His exceptional passing allows him to set the tempo of matches, split defenses, and find teammates in dangerous positions. Named 2018 FIFA Player of the Year, Modric’s blend of creativity, talent, intelligence, and foresight could be Croatia’s key to exceeding expectations in this tournament.

Rodri Hernández

As the linchpin of Manchester City’s midfield, Rodri has become indispensable in Pep’s strategy. Despite a four-game suspension, he leads the 2023-24 Premier League in passes and touches, averaging 122 touches per game. Each touch represents a decision, an expressive act, a canvas of possibilities, especially given his dominance in the midfield.


Known for his remarkable positional sense, extensive passing vision, scoring ability, and skill at thwarting enemy attacks, Rodri brings balance to the midfield. Spain will count on his calmness and ability to control play as they tackle Euro 2024.

Rodri, with qualities reminiscent of prime Sergio Busquets and arguably greater agility and goal threat, has proven his crucial role for his national team. If Spain upsets expectations this summer, it will likely be due to a Rodri masterclass.

Jude Bellingham

Emerging English star Jude Bellingham, who transitioned from Dortmund to Madrid in the summer of 2023, has been a revelation for the Galacticos following his €100m transfer. The 20-year-old contributed to 36 goals (23 goals, 13 assists) in 42 appearances.


Thanks to his contributions, Madrid won the Champions League and La Liga titles. His box-to-box capabilities have made him a cornerstone of England’s midfield. Bellingham’s footballing instinct involves disruptive runs, drawing in players in possession, or exploiting spaces when off the ball. His agility, quickness, and excellent technical skills allow him to capitalize on any opportunity.

Additionally, Bellingham’s unique footballing style is most apparent when he quickens the pace during transitions. He advances the ball seamlessly, moving into spaces before delivering the final pass. While his role under Gareth Southgate may vary, he remains vital to England’s midfield as they pursue their first title since 1996.


As Euro 2024 approaches, these top pass masters, with their vision, precision, and ability to dictate the game’s pace, will be essential to their teams’ strategies. In a competition where every pass can make a difference, the performances of these midfielders will likely determine which nation ultimately lifts the trophy.