Typical Mistakes of the Newbie GamStop Bettors

Sports betting is a fun way to spend time and make some money on your intuition and knowledge. Moreover, the 21st century offers us opportunities to bet without limits, so you can even bet from the comfort of your home using a computer. This led to a rise in sports bettors’ numbers and the popularity of the activity. However, your results may be far from desired – unlike seasoned bettors, newbies often make the same mistakes. See what typical mistakes new bettors make and examine yourself. Do you do that as well? No worries – you’ll explore improvement strategies as well. 


Neglecting Wagering Requirements

To place bets online, you must register on a betting site. These platforms come with their own rules:

  • Deposit limits. The minimum and maximum sum you can bet.
  • Bonuses. Free bets you can spend under certain conditions and with certain events.
  • Odds. The possible multiplier in case your stake wins.

Last but not least – all these worldwide bookmakers come with wagering requirements. It is a sum you must collect before withdrawing your win. For instance, by claiming a $100 offer with a wager of 10x, you should earn at least $1,000 before withdrawing. It is an acceptable rule for dedicated bettors. Yet, if you only want to play once and cash out, the wager may be a serious obstacle. Always check it before registering.

Favouring Sentiment Over Statistics

This is a common mistake among sports fans. It is a fan thing to understand – being a huge sports fan often makes you even a worse bettor. Why so? The thing is that such people often bet on their favourite teams. You strongly believe in their win and feel like you prove it and support the team with your bet. However, it often comes from prejudice. Favouring your intuition and dedication over statistics is not the best idea.

Instead, analyze stats before the match. Consider different aspects to get a clear picture: previous matches and their results, changes in the team, the best players in the season, statistics among rivals, and so on.

Not Using Bonuses

Most gambling platforms offer bonuses for their new and seasoned players. Usually, the welcome bonus is the largest promotion of all. It offers new players an opportunity to bet for free, using casino money instead of their own. If you are a new bettor, it is your chance to hit the stage. If you are all right with the bonus rules and wagering requirements, don’t forget to claim and use it. Remember that all bonuses have an expiration date, so think twice before receiving them. Also, most sites ask you to claim the bonus during registration – otherwise, it will disappear. For not to miss the promotion, always check them before creating an account. 

Believing Myths

There are a lot of misconceptions among bettors. For example, a lot of people believe that one team cannot lose three times in a row. Well, technically it can, as statistics show. Moreover, teams often show the same result within one season.

While casino games usually offer one a 50/50 chance, sports betting is much more predictable. History repeats itself, so focus on stats, not on what myths and beliefs say.

Impulsive Betting

A lot of players place bets to cover their previous losses. It seems a good idea – just bet, win, and you’ll not only cover a loss, you can even earn some cash! But most often, this strategy is one of the widespread betting mistakes and works more like a snowball and makes you less and less responsible. Even if you lose some money, don’t try to gain it back as quickly as possible. Wait for a match you are really sure of, and only use cash you are ready to lose for good. Betting is a way to have fun, not to earn or return your losses – always remember it.


Another myth is that newbies are often lucky. A lot of people will say that “it is your time to win”, “your first thought is always correct”, and so on. In fact, there are no statistical proofs of such beliefs. Always rely on numbers and the current situation instead of your luck.

Tips to Bet Efficiently

So, how to bet smartly? What is data and knowledge experienced bettors use? Indeed, betting is more math than intuition. Unlike casino games, sports have fewer random factors and are more predictable. Here is what experienced bettors consider:

  • They manage their bankroll.
  • They use betting strategies.
  • They analyze the odds. 
  • They examine the current situation.

Finally, they know when it is time to stop. Betting is a fun way to spend an evening, but not a way to make money. Don’t treat it like that, and enjoy the process – you’ll see that even a psychological approach can boost your results.


In conclusion, while sports betting can be exciting, avoiding these common pitfalls can significantly improve your experience. Remember, prioritize statistics and analysis over blind faith in your favourite teams. You need to find a good betting site, stop chasing losses with impulsive bets, and treat bonuses as a way to enhance your gameplay, understanding their wagering requirements beforehand. Finally, be wary of gambling myths and overconfidence – consistent success relies on a data-driven approach and responsible bankroll management. By adopting these practices, you’ll transform yourself from a newbie to a more informed and strategic bettor, maximizing your enjoyment of the game.