Online Scratchies in Nigeria

Scratch cards also known as scratch tickets, or scratchies, are one of the most popular gambling games in the world. Everyone knows about scratch cards, even people far from the world of gambling. Many people have at least once bought such cards at the checkout of a store or have seen how movie characters do it. This game attracts many people with its simplicity and relative cheapness. And also the fact that the result is instant.

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Online Scratch Cards have the same features as their paper counterparts and offer additional benefits. They are just as simple, give a lot of fun, plus some games have unique features, for example, the ability to win free extra rounds. 

Brief History of Scratch Cards

Before the invention of scratch cards, lotteries were a game of chance for the masses. And although they generally satisfied the necessary needs, they still had one significant drawback – the need to wait for the result for days. Many are annoyed by this aspect of the game, including John Koza, an American computer scientist. He worked for a company that made bingo cards for grocery stores in the US, so he had an idea of the market’s needs. Together with retail promotions specialist Daniel Bower, they formed Scientific Games Corporation and began issuing scratch tickets. Within two years, the company’s revenue amounted to more than $15 million, and scratch cards became incredibly popular and began to spread around the world.

Unfortunately, the history of the emergence of online scratch cards is difficult to trace. We can only say with certainty that they appeared with the first online casinos in the ’90s, but which casino was the first is currently unknown. 

How do Scratch Cards work?

The essence of the work of physical scratch cards and their online versions are generally quite similar. The random number generator places symbols on the game field (most often its size is 3×3). In the case of physical cards, the generated symbols order is printed on paper or plastic and covered with a special substance on top. 

In online cards, the result is displayed on the player’s device screen and also hidden from the player by an image placed on top. The player then “scratch” the overlay image by moving the mouse or finger across the screen. If there are 3 identical symbols on the card, then the player receives a prize, the size of which corresponds to these symbols. 


Where to Play Online Scratchies in Nigeria?

Usually any betting site has a section, where they offer various table and casino games – this normally includes scratch cards. However, it is important to pick the one you can trust and the one, which offers easy and effortless payments. We have been reviewing local betting operators for quite some time now and have a good enough perspective to be able to make recommendations. Having said that, we would like to show you a list that we put together with all the best Nigerian operators, who offer scratch card games.


This is generally one of our favorite local operators, they do a very good job at making sure that all payments are fast and on time. In addition to that, their website works very well with mobile devices and there is an app you can download and install. In any case, the main reason why we featured them here is their selection of scratch card games – there are quite a few to choose from. Go ahead and create an account if you want to check out what exactly they have or feel free to check out our Paripesa review page to learn more about them.


BetBonanza is another good example of a local betting operator, with a decent selection of scratch card games. It is an original Nigerian website, which means that you can easily make payments from and to pretty much any local bank. In order to locate scratch card games – simply navigate to the casino section of their website and open the corresponding (scratch cards) game category. Visit their website to register and start playing or feel free to read our full BetBonanza review first.


Wazobet is the third local brand on our list and they are exceptionally well optimized for mobile devices. To be completely honest, the desktop interface might not be at its best here, but if you are planning to play on a mobile device – this is the right place. New players get a generous welcome offer and existing players get bonuses every week – so you will always have something to look forward to. Visit their website to register and check out the scratch card games section or read our Wazobet review first if you want to learn more.

Online Scratch Cards Features and Advantages

Compared to physical scratch tickets, their online versions have a number of advantages and unique features. Сhoosing an online scratch card can be approached with greater sensitivity. You can freely explore all aspects of the game, such as ticket circulation and the RTP, and also try the game for free in demo mode. All technical information about the game can be viewed in the Paytables. 

In some online scratchies, you can set the size of bets based on your budget. But this is not a very common practice and most often the size of the bet is fixed. There is also a feature in some online scratch tickets that has been transferred from video slots. If you get 3 special symbols, then you get additional tickets for free.

If the appearance of the ticket is important to you, that is, its theme, then online cards will definitely appeal to you. There are even cards for popular TV shows like Friends and Breaking Bad. 

And probably, the main advantage of the online scratch card is the higher winnings. It will not be difficult for you to find a card where you can win $100,000 at a $2 bet, or even a million dollars at a $4 bet. All winnings instantly appear on the balance of your casino account from where they can be withdrawn directly to your bank account or e-wallet.

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RPT, House Edge, and Odds of Scratch Cards

These are the technical characteristics of the slot that you should pay attention to when choosing a card. RTP or Return to the Player is a percentage of total bets that the game gives to players as wins. So, the higher this attribute the better for a player. Basically, the RTP of scratch cards is the same as for slots, in the range of 90-98%. But there are games with a lower rate, for example, 70% or even 50%. Always check the RTP before playing. It is usually listed in the rules of the game or in the Paytables.

House Edge shows how many percent of the total bets are taken by the casino and the game developer. It is calculated using the formula 100% – RTP. The lower the number, the better for the player.

Odds show the players’ chances of winning. The magnitude of the odds depends on the win size. The higher the prize, the lower the odds. You can calculate them yourself based on the number of tickets. For example, if your game has 10,000,000 tickets and only 2 of them contain a $100,000 prize, then the chances of winning it are 2:10000000. Information on the number of tickets and the distribution of prizes among them can be found in the scratch card paytables.

Tips and Strategies

While the scratch card is a game of chance, there are some tips to help you win:

  • Choose a scratch card with a higher RTP. The higher the RTP level, the more will be returned from the bets made as winnings.
  • Play a chosen Scratch Card for free first. Take the opportunity to play in demo mode to explore the features of the card.
  • Don’t buy the cheapest card. Most often, cheap cards have very low prizes. Better to choose cards from $1 and above.
  • Don’t change the game after purchasing a few bad tickets. It is best to play online scratch cards like slots, that is, buy a large number of tickets, because often winnings await at a distance.
  • Buy tickets in bulk. If you are going to play the same game for a long time, then buy many tickets at once. Some games provide an opportunity to save money in this way and make a discount.
  • Find out if your casino offers scratch card bonuses. Some casinos offer several free tickets just for registration or as a first deposit bonus.
  • Keep calm and stick to your budget. This is perhaps the most important piece of advice. Spend as much money as you originally planned. Remember that scratch cards are primarily about fun, not a way to make money.

Scratch Cards Bonuses

Bonuses are part of the casino advertising campaign. Thus, a gambling site encourages players to play on their site. There are several types of scratch card bonuses.

No Deposit Scratch Card Bonuses

You receive such bonuses by registering at the casino, for confirming your email or phone number. This is usually a few free tickets in a particular game, or a certain amount of money that you can spend on cards in a game of your choice.

Welcome Scratch Cards Bonuses

These are bonuses for new casino players who made their first deposit. The amount of the reward is already higher than in the free registration bonuses. In such a bonus, you can already pick up dozens of free cards, depending on the size of the deposit.

Wagering Requirements

This is a very important aspect of all bonuses. All winnings that you receive as a result of playing with bonus tickets are subject to wagering requirements. Let’s say you won $100 playing with bonus scratch tickets. The bonus winnings have x30 wagering requirements. In this case, you have to place bets of ($100 * 30) = $3000 before being eligible to withdraw your winnings. The size of the wagering requirements is indicated in the bonus rules, read them carefully if you are going to use the bonus. Sometimes there are bonuses without wagering requirements.

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Bitcoin Scratch Cards

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have been gaining in popularity. This affects all industries, including the gambling industry. Today, all types of casino games, including scratch cards, can be played by placing bets in Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in various Crypto Casinos

In general, the process of playing scratch cards using Bitcoin is not very different from playing with regular money. The main difference is that you pay for the cards and get your winnings at BTC. But you can still get some unique experience if you choose to play cryptocurrencies and can find Provably Fair Scratch Cards. These types of cards use a unique algorithm that allows games through third-party services to check if the outcome of the round was really fair.

FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy real scratch cards online?

You can buy online scratch cards and they are no different from real ones. They work the same way and you get your winnings instantly.

What are the best online scratch cards?

You can pay attention to these cards: Wolf Gold (max win of $1,000,000), Chasin Rainbows Instant Gold (the highest RTP of 98.04%)

Does anyone win on online scratch cards?

Yes! People win on online scratch cards every day. There was a player who won £1,000,000 on the 1st June 2020 in a Wolf Gold by purchasing tickets for £20.

Is there a limit on buying scratch cards?

There is no limit on buying online scratch cards.

Are online scratch offs legit?

Yes! Online scratch cards presented in licensed casinos are legit.

Play Responsibly

We want to remind you that gaming is first of all about having fun and you should not rely on it to resolve financial difficulties. With all likelihood it might only make matters worse. If you find yourself in a situation where you are spending more than you can afford or can’t stop playing, when you know you should stop – it is time to seek assistance. A good place to start is – they offer 24/7 free help. You can talk to a trained professional or join support groups, where you can discuss your issues with other people. Remember, staying in control of your hobby is one of the most important things.