is Going to Close

We are sad to admit this, however it looks like is going to close. Registration is already closed and no new accounts can be created.


What Will Happen With my Luckybet Account?

At the moment as you can see – registration is closed, yet existing users can still access their accounts and place bets, so for the time being you can still use your account.


Do I Need to Withdraw All Money From my Luckybet Account?

Yes, but there’s no rush with this – Luckybet will send all their users emails with details about what is to come. You will be notified of the exact date when their website closes and you will need to request a withdrawal by then is you will still have any money in your account.

Is this the end of

This isn’t the end for Lucky bet, even though they will close their website for now – it will be re-built from scratch and they will open again. Other Games & Game Suppliers.