How to Bet on 1xBet?

Last time we touched on this topic, it was related to the registration process and now we would like to take it one step further. If you saw our previous post, then you likely already know how to register with 1xBet in Nigeria. We also have a YouTube video devoted to the same subject and one of our viewers asked for some guidance on how to actually bet. For us it seemed like a rather obvious thing, which doesn’t require much explanation. Nevertheless, I looked further into this and found that a considerable number of people are actually asking the same question. And now, without further ado, let me present to you our guide to placing bets on 1xBet.

how to bet on 1xbet

1xBet Promo Code

Before we go any further, we would like to let you know that we have an exclusive 100NGN promo code for all new players from Nigeria. This code should be used when creating a new account and it will give you an extra 30% added to the welcome bonus. The regular new player offer is a 300% bonus up to ₦145,600, so if you use our code – it will be 330%. If you have any question about the welcome offer, feel free to ask in the comment section below or check out the article, which we linked in the beginning.

1xbet promo code - NG

How to Start Betting?

Now if you are reading this, you are likely at a point where you already have an account and are already logged in, but unsure how to proceed. For convenience, we will put a screenshot with all the steps numbered in the order you should perform them and each section of the text will refer to those numbers. First things first, if you want to bet – you need to have some money in your player account. There are a number of different ways to top up your balance and we will look closely at all of them below.

How to Top Up Your Account?

As we said earlier – there are many different ways to deposit money into your 1xBet account. You can choose to bet using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies or you can make a deposit using local Nigerian banks or other widely used payment gateways and providers. Naira (NGN) will be your main account currency, so you will not need to get all confused with exchange rates and fees.

  1. When you are logged in, there will be a green (1) “Deposit” button in the top right corner of the screen. Press that button and you will be taken to the payments page.
  2. Now you will see a long list (2) of available payment methods, carefully look through the list and pick the one you would like to use.
  3. When you find the payment method you are comfortable with, press on it and it will open up a new pop-up (3) window. Use that window to type in the amount you would like to deposit (4) and press “Confirm”.

On the last step you will be forwarded to the payment provider. Follow the given instructions to complete your payment. All payments are instant, so as soon as you are done here – you should already have the money in your player account.

1xbet - how to deposit

The minimum amount you can deposit is ₦100.

The minimum amount you can withdraw from your account is ₦550.

You can use one of the following payment methods / banks: Paystack, ENTERPRISE BANK, MAINSTREET BANK, Access Bank, CitiBank, Access Bank PLC (Diamond), EcoBank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GTB, Heritage Bank, Keystone Bank, Skye Bank, Stanbic IBTC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Sterling Bank, UBA, Union Bank, Unity Bank, Wema Bank, Zenith Bank, Visa, MasterCard, Verve, USSD.

1xbet payment methods 1
1xbet payment methods 2

Find a Game

Now, that you have some funds in your account, you can actually go ahead and open the actual betting section. Navigate back to the home page by pressing the 1xBet logo in the website’s header and open the “Sports” (1) tab.

Once you are there, you can scroll through the list of available sports (2) to find the ones you are most interested in or the ones that have the most games. The number of available games can be seen next to each individual sport.

Pick a Market

As soon as you have settled on a sport you would like to bet on, it is time to pick a game.

On the overview page you will usually see a list (3) of the most popular games. Feel free to scroll through them to find something that catches your eye.

Once you find a game you would like to bet on – pick a selection (4), in other words an outcome that you believe is likely to happen.

When you press on a selection, it will open up a “betslip” (5) pop up, where you can insert your (6) stake (how much you are willing to bet).

After adding your stake you can either proceed with placing your bet by pressing the “Place a Bet” (7) button or you can add more selections to combine them into a multibet or, as some may call them, an accumulator bet.

If you are completely new to sports betting, then you might want to see all betting types explained in one place. We can recommend checking out Sports Bet Listings as a one-stop-shop for everything you need to learn to get started with sports betting.

1xbet - how to bet

Wait for the Game to Finish

That’s it, your bet is successfully placed and now all you have to do is wait for the game to finish and you will see whether your bet won. This will reflect in your account balance. If you placed a lot of different bets and want to see which ones won and which ones lost – you can always check that in your bet history. You can access it from the account management menu, which you can open by pressing the little person icon in the top right corner of the screen.


One more betting feature that we would like to bring up is BetBuilder. This is a feature that allows you to combine bets from the same game into an accumulator bet. Most novice sports betting enthusiasts don’t know this, but you can’t normally create a multibet using selections from the same game. BetBuilder gives you that opportunity, so it is just something that gives you a little more freedom when it comes to betting opportunities. It is important to mention though that BetBuilder is only available for pre-match betting, so before the game starts.

1xbet - betbuilder

Live or In-Play Betting

Placing bets before the game starts is not the only way to bet and arguably not the most popular one. You can actually place bets while the game is ongoing – this gives you way more betting opportunities. Press the “LIVE” button located in the top left corner of the website in order to access the live betting section. You can even place several bets throughout the duration of the game. The interface and the logic used here is identical to what we described earlier.


One of the best things about live betting is the ability to “cashout” your bets as odds change. For example, let’s imagine a situation where you placed a ₦500 live bet for team A to win. As the game goes on, you see that team A is not doing as well as you thought they would. The cashout feature allows you to close your bet at the current odds, so in the above scenario – you can claim ₦300 back instead of losing all ₦500.

The same thing works in the other direction as well. If you see that the team you bet on is actually doing well and it is becoming more likely that they will win – you can claim ₦600 from your bet. This way you get a guaranteed profit, without having to risk and wait for the game to finish.

Bet Responsibly

One of the things that we always try to mention is the importance of your mental wellbeing. While sports betting is generally a fun hobby that makes your favorite sporting events even more exciting – you should be mindful of your betting habits. If you ever find yourself in a situation, where you are betting more than you can afford or where you are constantly trying to “win back” what you lost – it might be a good time to take a break. Sports betting is definitely not a way to resolve financial difficulties and attempts to do so usually end up making matters worse.

If you feel that you ought to take a break from betting but can’t – it might be time to get some help. A good place to start would be they have trained professionals, who you can talk to online for free. You can also attend group therapy sessions, where you can discuss your issues with other people.