Which bet has the highest odd in Nigeria?

Where can you find the best possible odds on whatever you would like to bet? That is a question most sports betting enthusiasts ask themselves almost every day. You could potentially jump between different betting sites comparing their odds and finding which one is better, however that is extremely time-consuming. You could also try to use one of those popular odds comparison websites, however most such websites don’t cover a lot of local bookmakers, so that’s not ideal either.

highest odds in Nigeria

Because this is such a hot topic and one that people are always interested in – we decided to do all the research for you ourselves. We will compare a number of popular Nigerian betting sites and will show you how their odds look side-by-side. This will allow you to make your own evidence-based decision of what bookmaker you would like to stick with. Before we go any further, we would like to mention that there is no such thing as “the best betting site”. If you want to take advantage of high odds – you will need to have accounts with a couple of different bookmakers.

Betting Sites with the Highest Odds

This paragraph is for those of you who don’t have the time to read our comparison and just want a quick answer. We will give you a basic summary of our comparison and some overall numbers to back that up. All websites listed here are legit licensed Nigerian betting operators, so you can safely go with any one of them, which you like. If you are interested in what research exactly have we done and what was compared – feel free to skip to the next section, where we will tell you all about that. The betting sites we are going to compare are: Paripesa, Melbet, BetBonanza, Wazobet and Parimatch.


Paripesa seems to have the most favorable odds, especially for top-tier football tournaments. With some events and selection, which we compared here – the difference was as big as 0.40. This is quite a significant price gap that you could potentially take advantage of. We put Paripesa at the top of our list because in most cases they offer higher odds and in cases where they don’t – they are in line with other betting sites.


Among the five bookmakers which we compared here, Melbet holds a solid second place. Even though they don’t have the highest odds – their odds are higher than what most betting sites offer. In addition to that they have much more content (especially for football) than most local bookmakers, which is an obvious competitive advantage.


BetBonanza seems to be somewhere in the middle, when compared with other betting sites. They are definitely not the ones with the highest odds in Nigeria, however their odds are higher than 80% of most local betting sites you can think of. Plus, BetBonanza has really cool promotional offers for active players and that can sometimes be a deciding factor. If you don’t feel like betting with the two bookies we mentioned above – feel free to give this one a try.


Now Wazobet is a betting brand that we, here at topbettingsites.ng, personally enjoy quite a lot. They have a cool welcome offer and awesome promotions for existing players. In addition to that, they seem to have fairly high odds, which we didn’t know until we compared them with other Nigerian betting operators. In any case, if you would like to try something new and like innovation – Wazobet is something you should try.


Parimatch is an international betting brand, who also have a dedicated Nigerian branch. Their odds are definitely in the top 5 among Nigerian bookmakers, which is why you can find them in this list. Their website is fast, looks nice and works very well with mobile devices. All this coupled with their relatively high odds, makes them a betting site worth considering.  

Comparing Football Odds

Football is the most popular sport for betting in Nigeria, so it makes perfect sense to have it on the top of our list. We will show you a side-by side comparison of different leagues and different bet types. We all have different betting habits and are largely interested in different things, so we will try to approach this from different perspectives.

Top-tier League Comparison

Most bets are usually placed on top-tier leagues, so we are going to make this comparison first. The league we want to use as an example is UEFA Champions League. To illustrate the difference in odds we are going to take an upcoming game played between Atletico Madrid and Liverpool. Our comparison will be broken down into different bet (market) types, so it should be fairly easy for you to follow and skip the part you might not be interested in.

Atletico Madrid - Liverpool game

1X2 Match Result Odds Comparison

First off, let’s take a look at the most popular market there is – 1X2 also known as “Match Result”. This is the most popular market mostly because it is easy to understand and easy to bet on – you pick the outcome of the game, which you believe is the likeliest one. Nevertheless, even though the market itself is a straightforward one – odds between bookmakers might significantly differ, so let’s get into it.

In general, all five bookmakers have decent odds, which is the main reason we decided to feature them here, however as you can see on our comparison table – there is still a difference. If we take the home team, then the odds for that outcome can be as low as 2.85 and as high as 3.22, which is a significant difference. Now if we look at the draw and away selections – their prices are fairly similar. Between 3.4 and 3.2 for “draw” and between 2.4 and 2.2 for “away”. Looking at this specific bet type, Paripesa seems to be offering the highest odds.

UEFA - 1x2 comparison

Over/Under Odds Comparison

Over/Under is also one of the most popular markets people usually bet on, so we feel that it is a must to do a comparison for this as well. With this bet type you choose how many goals you think will be scored in a game. You can pick a number and bet on whether the overall goal count will be lower or larger than that number. Again, this is a market, which any sports betting fan is perfectly familiar with, so let’s have a look at what the comparison would look like here.

Betting markets such as this one, are usually fairly similar between bookmakers across the industry. This happens mostly because betting sites actually try to be in line with what their competitors offer. Going around and trying to find better odds for an over/under market is usually not worth the effort. The only case where odds can significantly differ is if the bookmaker set them incorrectly. As you can see from the table in this section – all betting sites offer pretty much identical odds.

UEFA - over-under comparison

Last Team to Score Odds Comparison

Finally, we would like to take a look at a less-common, but still widely used market – “Last Team to Score” also known as LTTS. Here you will be placing a bet on who you believe will score the last goal in the game – it doesn’t matter how many goals there will be or who will win. Winning such a bet requires more luck and less calculation compared to the ones we looked above, so we thought this would be an interesting example to bring up.

As this market is more related to luck compared to the ones we covered above – odds can be distributed in a relatively unexpected manner. If you take a look at the table we attached to this paragraph, you can see that the “home” and “away” selections have highest odds at Melbet and Paripesa. This is expected because these are one of the biggest local brands and they can potentially afford this. However, surprisingly enough the “no goal” selection can be as low as 8.40 and as high as 10.00 at Wazobet. Having said that, we would like to outline the fact that smaller bookmakers are likely to have higher odds for less likely outcomes.

UEFA - last team to score comparison

Comparison of Smaller Football Leagues

As you might have seen from what we already discussed above – betting sites are generally in line with each other, however in some cases odds differences might be quite significant. This could be applicable to individual games and individual outcomes, however there is no defined rule. Odds for top leagues might differ because the teams and their players are well known to everyone and bookmakers might afford to take some risks. If you were to look at a smaller and less popular league, you would see that in such cases odds rarely ever differ. This is related to the fact that the teams and their players are not known to the wider public and it is quite risky for betting sites to deviate from what is the industry standard.

Czech Republic 4 Liga game

The number of markets for such leagues is also significantly smaller, so we will only do a quick comparison of a “match result” (1×2) market as a single game to illustrate the point we are making here. Let’s take a game from “Czech Republic 4 Liga”, a game between Mondi Seti and Aritma Prague.

The comparison table for this section shows you that odds for this game across all five betting sites are not just similar – they are identical. Everyone literally quotes the same odds and that makes sense, nobody can accurately predict the outcome because the teams aren’t that well-known. Taking the above into account it is fair to say that if you are looking to bet on smaller and local leagues, it hardly makes a difference what betting site to choose odds-wise. In such a case you would need to look at other factors, which you can read more about in our list of best betting sites in Nigeria.  

Czech Republic 4 Liga - 1x2 comparison

Bet Responsibly

As usual, we feel it is our responsibility to remind you that sports betting should be a hobby and not a means to resolve financial issues. Bet responsibly and be mindful of your betting habits – make sure to have a set budget and don’t exceed your budget even if you are feeling lucky. If you are betting at the expense of your everyday needs, this means it is time to take a break. Listen to your close ones, as they will be the first ones to notice if something is not right. If you feel that you can’t stop and you have nobody to discuss your issues with – you can find assistance online. A good place to start is https://www.gamblingtherapy.org/en. They have trained professionals, who you can talk with free of charge, as well as support groups where you can discuss your issues with other people. If you have any additional questions related to getting assistance or related to any content on this page – leave us a comment or reach us via the contact page.