Five Ways to Merge Gambling Knowledge

Gambling is vast and encompasses so many different games that it can seem daunting to approach a new form. Some people choose one niche and stick with that, never wishing to expand their knowledge of other games or sports. They’re happy to tick along gambling in one form. Others try too many, not being a master of any and only skirting by with the basics. There is a middle ground though. What if you could be proficient in several forms without expending lots of time and energy? This is possible if you connect the right games and sports and merge your knowledge and skills. We’ll look at five ways you can do this.

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1) Spreadsheets

An easy way to merge your knowledge is develop a database and keep accurate records. I don’t care if you’ve got a poker spreadsheet or a Mac numbers file that tracks your sports bets, you should maximize use of spreadsheets. By merging this together in one file, you can get a handle of how you’re performing, what games you excel at (no pun intended) and what games you lack proficiency in. This is a great starting point and a must for any serious gambler.

2) Look for Similarities

There may be hundreds of games and sports to bet on, but there are commonalities between some that make easy transitioning. For instance, Texas Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha are played very similarly. You have the flop, turn and river and it’s the same hand rankings. The strategy is a little different but trust me, moving from Hold’em to PLO is much easier than going from betting on football to investing in stocks. If you’re considering playing or betting on a new game, look for things that are of similar interest to your own. It will be less challenging and help your long-term earnings potential too.

3) Pick Your Friends Brains

If you have friends interested in gambling, they are usually happy to discuss it at length. One can know nothing of boxing but know whether Anthony Joshua is a favourite for his next title fight. This can be through casual conversation or discussion with friends or colleagues. You’re basically merging social chat with gambling knowledge. It’s an awesome way to fuse the two because you’re learning things that they may have spent months or years on developing. Next time you’re interested in a new game, have a chat with a friend who knows more about it. You’ll soon find out if that game is for you.

4) Use the Same Critical Thinking Skills

It amazing when highly intelligent people start a new form of gambling and throw out their skills built from other forms. It’s like they forget them and need to learn new. For instance, if you know to look at website reviews before joining, use that same skill for a new sports betting site. If you know that sites offer loyalty reward schemes, ask the new prospective site. Who cares if it’s a different sport or game? They’re the same industry and will have similar methods. You’ve heard the expression “Don’t ask, don’t get”, so keep asking.

The same applies for your talents. If you have a knack for math, play odds-based games. If you’re a reader, buy books on the topic and become a student first. It’s all common sense but sometimes people just forget the skills or talents they already have and move to a new game without any thought.

5) Stay Connected

If you want to merge gambling knowledge, you need to be part of communities. This can be achieved through social media or forums and it’s a brilliant way to obtain and retain gambling information. By doing this, you’ll be abreast of new strategy, trends and consensus opinions. You will also get some insider information and tips, both of which can help you earn money.


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