Sports Betting Promo Codes for 2021

What are promo codes? Where to find promo codes? And finally, are they useful at all? These are the questions from our readers, which we came across, when we presented a couple of our exclusive promo codes. This made us see that a lot of people are missing out on some good opportunities, simply because they are not aware of it. Which is why we decided to dive deeper into this topic and tell you exactly what it’s all about.

What Are Promo Codes?

This is an easy one – “promo” stands for “promotional” and as you can understand from the name, they exist to promote products or services. Usually promo codes are intended for a specific target audience and incentivize users to register, buy, watch, order, etc. The incentive can be different depending on the product – a promo code from an online store can give you free delivery, a promo code from a web hosting service can give you a free domain if you purchase their hosting services and so on.

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For example, Amazon is famous for having loads of different promo code based offers year round and people often spend quite a lot of time online trying to find the juiciest codes. Promo codes on sports betting sites is not an exception – some can give you some extra bonus funds to your welcome bonus, others can give you free bets, stake refunds and this list can go on for ages.

The same applies to us, our product is sports betting and we have a number of promo codes, which we are happy to share with you – these promo codes are exclusive to and are intended as a small present to those who read our bookmaker review and follow our recommendations. Our promo codes, some may refer to them as “bonus codes” are intended for newly registered players, use them and get an extra warm welcome at the betting sites you will see below. One of the most beneficial things about our promo codes is the fact, that you don’t need to use them right now – you can save the code and use it later when you have time. You can even share this code with a friend if you want to make their day a bit better.

Where to Find Promo Codes?

There are countless places where you can find them, but obviously this depends on the type of codes you are looking for. As an example, if you want to find video game codes for platforms like Steam and GOG, you would have to go read gaming blogs and watch gaming videos, if you want to find sports betting promo codes – then you are in the right place.

We have our own exclusive promo codes set with several providers, which we are sharing with you below. Feel free to save them and forward to friends, who might be interested and use them to get an extra warm welcome as a new player on these betting sites.

Melbet Promo Code – 100NGN

This brand is quite well-known all around the globe and most Nigerian sports betting fans surely know about Melbet and if you aren’t – we invite you to read our Melbet Nigeria review.

Melbet is an international brand with a high-quality betting product, which is fully and legally available for Nigerian players. This is why we decided to pair up with Melbet and give new players the warmest welcome we can possibly give. As a new player you will get a crazy 200% deposit bonus up to ₦100,000 and one of the best things about this offer is the minimum required deposit, which is only ₦400.

BetWinner Promo Code – 100NGN

BetWinner have also made a name for themselves in the betting industry over the last several years and now they have a dedicated Nigerian instance of their website tailored specifically for Nigerian sports fans. If you are not familiar with them we would be happy if you would go and check out our BetWinner Nigeria review page.

Having BetWinner here in Nigeria, we saw this as a good opportunity to team up with them and give our readers a promo code you can use and share with others. Newly registered players will get a 100% welcome bonus up to ₦100,000 upon making their first deposit and again, the minimal deposit you have to make in order to claim the bonus is just ₦400.

Paripesa Promo Code – 100NGN

Paripesa just recently opened up their website for Nigerian players and they are the latest addition to the list of betting operators, who we have exclusive promo codes with. Similar to both above-mentioned brands, Paripesa is originally an international brand and we decided to partner up with them because they bring the same quality product to Nigerian sports fans.

New players can get a fairly good welcome offer here – a 100% welcome bonus up to ₦45,000 along with daily odds boosts and losing stake refunds. If you haven’t heard about Paripesa yet, we recommend you to go and check out our Paripesa Nigeria review page because quite seen they are going to be one of the top betting sites in Nigeria.

Spread the Word

We would like to say that we hope at least something of this will be useful for you and / or your friends. As we already mentioned – the good thing about promo codes is the possibility to save or memorize them, you don’t have to use them immediately, you can share them with friends. Be sure to remember our codes if you will be looking to try out a new bookmaker this year, plus our code is very easy to memorize – it’s 100NGN.