Betting on Tennis Guide

If you want to bet on tennis at non GamStop bookmakers, you obviously need completely different knowledge than when betting on football games. In order to end up in the profit zone in the long term when betting on tennis, you should follow a few important basic rules. Basically, behind football, tennis bets are the most popular in the world – because there are almost countless betting markets and chances of winning in a single match.

tennis betting guide

Tennis is one of the most popular sports among betting sites not on GamStop. The “white sport” usually takes second place in the ranking behind the king of football. In the following guide we have taken a closer look at tennis bets.

Which games can you bet on? What markets and options are there? Who are the top players? How high are the betting odds? We answer all of these questions in our tennis betting experiences. Of course, we don’t want to withhold the three best bookies in this section from you.

Who Are the Favorites for the Tennis Year 2024?

For men, the “Big Three” are still the measure of all things. The clay court king Rafael Nadal (Spain) finished the 2019 season as number one in the world rankings, followed by Novak Djokovic (Serbia) and the now 38-year-old Swiss Roger Federer.

However, many experts believe that the absolute dominance of these three mega stars will be broken in 2020. The entire tennis world is waiting for a player from the “Next Generation” to win one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Above all, you have to keep an eye on Dominic Thiem (Austria), Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece), Daniil Medvedev (Russia) and the German hope Alexander Zverev.

The world leaders among women are already much broader. An absolutely superior player – like Serena Williams was for many years – no longer exists. The current number one is the Australian Ashleigh Barty , followed by Karolina Pliskova (Czech Republic) and Naomi Osaka (Japan).

What Tennis Bets Are There Exactly?

The normal tennis bet is certainly understandable even for a layman. The bet is that player A will defeat player B. This is a classic winning bet in the 2-way betting market. A draw is not possible. But this is far from the end of the road. Below we have put together some specials for the tennis sector, which can be found in almost every non GamStop bookmaker:

  • Set bet – Who will win the first or second round?
  • Exact result of the sentences
  • Exact result of the match
  • Number of games as Over/Under
  • Lead after games – sometimes also as a handicap

How High Are the Betting Odds at Non GamStop Bookmakers?

The betting odds level for tennis bets needs to be viewed somewhat differently. Especially in the first rounds of tournaments, the odds for the top players are rather underground. Offers below 1.1 are not uncommon, but the rule. However, in even games, the offers are in an acceptable range between 1.8 and 2.2. Real tennis experts use their knowledge to bring betting odds of over 2.0 across the finish line in a row.

Tennis Bets & Bonuses at Non GamStop Betting Sites

Due to the betting odds structure and the 2-way market, tennis bets are ideal for unlocking a bonus. Another positive aspect at this point is that customers find a huge selection of bets every day. Especially in the starting phase of the tournaments at the beginning of the week, there are often hundreds of matches on the non GamStop bookies’ screens. Very sophisticated users unlock their bonuses with opposite bets from two betting providers at the same time.

When it comes to tennis betting, the rule usually applies: less is more. During a tournament, the non GamStop bookmakers offer both single and multiple bets. Beginners in the betting field can quickly tend to bet on all players who are generally considered successful – and therefore perhaps bet on far too many.

Therefore, it is important to be careful and limit the quantity of bets to a predetermined maximum. The game analysis, which is explained below, helps ensure that a maximum of two or three useful games are selected per day. Because: The more you bet, the more you can theoretically lose.

If you are new to tennis betting, beginners are primarily advised to do a few blind tests first. This should be done at least once a week so that the results even out. In this way, you can quickly find the right betting system, and at the same time you can better analyze the odds of the games and check more easily which ones were successful and which ones were not.

Control & Analysis – Important Points When It Comes to Tennis Betting at Non GamStop bookmakers

When betting on tennis, it is absolutely essential that you split your available capital as best as possible. Of course, you can’t just make any bets without actually knowing how much budget you have. A large amount of capital would be required here.

It is therefore better to only commit to a small percentage per bet or per day. The ideal rule of thumb is to use a maximum of 4% of your available capital per bet so that your account balance is fairly balanced.

What is also very important is a good analysis before the competition. In order for a tennis game to be analyzed thoroughly and potentially profitable odds to be discovered, it is important to examine a few crucial factors. This includes, for example, the time of year in which the game takes place, but at the same time other things that can have an influence – such as injuries or fatigue.

Some tennis players also start their season much earlier than others or play several tournaments at short intervals one after the other. Of course, players like these lose their strength at different times. For example, a player who has only recently started and is investing a lot more energy into the season seems more likely to win than a top player whose season is almost over and who actually just wants to quit.